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Start your IT career with AWS re/Start!

Free and full-time skills development program that kickstarts your career in cloud computing

The Master Academy and AWS re/Start are open for applications for those interested in developing Cloud Computing skills with a full-time, intensive learning program. Taught and supported by experts,
and free of charge!

What is AWS re/Start?

AWS re/Start is a free, full-time skills development program that kickstarts your career in cloud computing. It is intended for the unemployed and job seekers, and no technical knowledge or background is required to apply. This program , which is provided in cooperation with AWS and The Master Academy , is completely free of education, and you can acquire the skills required for beginner-level cloud engineers through scenario-based learning, hands-on labs (practice), and assignments . You can also improve the skills you need for successful employment through communication, time management, resume and portfolio writing, and interview training . Students learn cloud computing skills and can take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam for free (one time only). For graduates who have completed all courses , we support meeting with companies so that they can successfully transition into cloud engineers .

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are not majoring in IT, but are thinking about starting and transitioning their careers to IT positions
  • Those who want proper cloud & IT basic education in a specialized institution
  • Those who are experiencing difficulties in re-employment due to a career break or blank period

Special offer for AWS re/Start only!

Systematic Cloud Computing talent training

Provides systematic training programs for career advancement and soft skills such as Communication, Management, etc.

Career and interview

Provide advice to students on preparing themselves for job interviews, preparing a portfolio, and finding their identity in the field of Cloud Computing from experienced professionals.

Provides employment opportunities for IT occupations

Opportunity to network and interview with The Master Academy’s partner companies and AWS.

AWS official digital badge

Receive AWS official digital badge
(certificate of completion) after complete program and pass program assessment

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Take the exam and get the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification for free (only once) for those who have completed the entire course.

Curriculum & Timetable

Upon you complete this course, you will have both technical skills and soft skills that will enable you to succeed in the Cloud Computing and IT profession through various lessons in the AWS re/Start and The Master Academy curriculum.

The skills you will acquire

  • Adaptive Communication
  • Time Management
  • Resume Building
  • Cloud Computing Skills

Career paths you can grow with us

  • Junior Cloud Engineer
  • AWS Consultant
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer

Application process

Receipt of application

Those who are interested in joining AWS re/Start, Batch 1, can register to apply for the program from May 1 – June 1, 2023.

– Adults over 19 years of age
– Those who have no abnormalities in domestic job search and work activities according to law
– Those who can attend training for 12 consecutive weeks
– Those who can perform tasks after education such as computer equipment and internet connection
– Those who can work immediately when a job opportunity is provided

Interview with applicants and information on whether students are confirmed

Students will be notified individually by email or call after checking whether they meet the eligibility requirements.

Participate in offline orientation

Join the orientation event to receive details about the program, curriculum, attendance criteria, and class schedule of the AWS re/Start program. There will be notification of date, time, and location, as well as the agenda, sent via email to program participants.

Start class

Course period : May 8 – July, 2023
* Training schedule is subject to change depending on future circumstances
* For detailed class information, please refer to ‘Curriculum & Timetable’

preparing for an interview

Conduct interview coaching sessions and mock interviews, proceed with career counseling specialized in Cloud Computing occupations/fields.


Receive AWS official certification digital badge (AWS re/Start certificate of completion)
* Only those who attended 100% of all lectures and received a total score of 70 points (out of 100 points) or higher in the assignment evaluation will be recognized for graduation.
(Re-exam allowed, in case of absence due to unavoidable reasons, justifiable grounds must be presented)
* For detailed graduation requirements, please refer to the ‘Graduation Requirements’ section of ‘Inquiry & FAQ’

Successful Career Transition!

Provides interview opportunities when recruiting AWS, The Master Academy, xLab Digital and related partner subsidiaries


We will inform you of the result of whether or not the student has been confirmed to the contact information you entered later.
Only those who have been notified by the organizer of the final registration of students can participate in the training.

You may not be able to participate if you do not meet the qualifications specified in the application process or if the number of students exceeds the number of students.
Please understand that the number of people who can accommodate the classroom is limited due to offline education.

Study online on regular weekdays, Monday-Friday, from 18:00-21:30, and there will be additional extracurricular activities on Saturdays and Sundays. A class schedule will be sent to program participants again.

Students must attend 100% of the classes in order to be eligible to take the exam for the certificate and be considered for the next internship opportunity.

When you come to the lecture hall, a computer is prepared, so you don’t need any special preparation, but
you must have a personal laptop (computer) for review and assignments.

Yes, that’s right. Graduation is recognized only when 100% of the lectures are attended, and if you are unable to attend classes for unavoidable reasons, you
need to present a valid reason to the instructor. For detailed graduation requirements, please check the following.

1. attendance
– 100% attendance required. AWS re/Start is a program that requires instructor coaching and mutual communication, not self-learning. If you are unable to attend due to unavoidable reasons, you need to provide a valid reason for the reason to the instructor.
– If there is a course missed during the curriculum course, you must complete it.
2. Participation
– Students must actively participate in class.
– Students must complete all labs.
– Students must complete all assignments.
– Students must complete all curriculum courses.
– All students are required to take the AWS Cloud Practicator exam. (Examination voucher provided (one time), regardless of whether or not the test was passed)
3. Evaluation
– The learner must have an overall score of 70% or higher in the evaluation (re-test is allowed)

Each graduate is provided with a digital certificate, which can be included on a resume or portfolio as an AWS Official Certification of Completion.
After completing the program, graduates will have access to learning materials including white papers, case studies, workshops, and AWS documentation. They
will also have access to an AWS lab environment and new lab scenarios to continue practicing AWS core services.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about AWS re/Start training, please contact us at

[email protected]

Representative number:

087-3969336 (News)
086-1727260 (Valve)